Blackstone has become the largest warehouse owner in the world. The US based P E major who has made big #RealEstate bets recently has a razor focus on Industrial. At the end of 2020, Blackstone owned over 1.2 billion square feet of Industrial space. To put that in context, that’s approx. double India’s present commercial space. All this acquisition happened in the #Last10Years.
The Covid 19 of 2020 created an Ecommerce boom which is now the new normal. As physical became virtual, e-commerce demand skyrocketed. The sector which has a turnover of $4.2 billion this year is expected to top $10 billion in 2025.
And with that demand comes demand of #warehouses. For example, #Amazon bought 33 warehouses since March 2020. #Walmart and #Target have also increased their investments in this space. More warehouses mean more satisfied customers as delivery times drop from days to hours.
Blackstone has significant real estate experience and will use its Cross Functional knowledge to make Better Investments.
The future of real estate growth may well be Industrial Real Estate Properties.