Open Office Space is not always the solution

Most people believe that Open office spaces indicate, no cubicles or walls. Essentially one big office space. Staff shares desks and work areas. Resulting in staff collaboration and work balance.

This not the case it may increase collaboration to some degree, it also creates issues and decreases work efficiency. Open concept office space creates distractions can lower employee productivity.

Most employees are accepting of open layouts: Your staff are now in an unhappy environment stuck in open-office space which they hate and cause them to resent their co-workers.

An open floor plan does not encourage collaboration — it can create frustration and confrontation. It’s important to remember everybody works differently. Certain employees may need silence to work through their thoughts, while others need to talk through their problems out loud. People’s individual work preferences can’t efficiently co-exist in one space, which is why options are necessary.

Open Office Space and Cubicles Could Make Employees Unhappy

With more people working remotely in today’s work environment. Despite the comforts of a homework environment, many people still want to come to the office. However, they do want their privacy.

People are more likely to be unhappy in office spaces where external circumstances distract them from getting their work done, and they don’t have the power to avoid those distractions.

Open Office Space Can Reduce Productivity

Open offices are not always the most cost-effective option. In fact, they can even diminish employee productivity. You might be able to fit 20 to 25 people in one open space, but of those, about 10 to 15 of them won’t always be able to deliver their best results.

Essentially, employees might become too distracted by the things going on around them to get much done, and this consequently leads to stress. They don’t have the luxury of closing their office door and immersing themselves in their work.

While office space is important, it’s just one way to incentivize happiness and productivity. If you have an open office space and don’t have the budget to redesign, you’re in luck.

Here are our proposed solutions to increase productivity in your office space — at least, the solutions that don’t require a construction company or furniture store.

Allow for a More Flexible Remote Policy

If your employees are more productive working from their home office, it would be to allow for this.

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